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The Power of Intention

"Everything that happens in the universe begins with intention." -Deepak Chopra

When you put intention behind anything you do, that action is then imbued with tremendous energy. There are many levels of intention, from consciously breathing to setting the intention to fulfill a lifelong dream, and even to bringing about harmony and balance to the universe. The sky is the limit and it truly doesn't matter where you start as long as you start somewhere!

When you breathe, oxygen travels throughout your entire body, purifying you from accumulated toxins. The miraculous body does this on its own, but when you have intention behind it you magnify your action with mental force. The mind and body are connected, so at the very least you're doubling down on the effect. However, if you do this with consistency and feeling (from the heart), you wake up your cells and give them the motivation to do so much more for you than they would otherwise do on autopilot.

Drinking water hydrates your body, allowing your blood to flow more freely, your organs to eliminate toxins and ridding yourself of any impurities which are no longer needed. When you do this with intention, the energy you put into a short thought or visualization is carried through the act of drinking water, magnifying the healing effects of what appears to be basic hydration.

Upon sitting down to eat a meal, you begin the process of nourishing your system. The sustenance of the food you are intaking recharges your body with vitality and life. When you do this with intention you prepare your cells, which allow the nutrients to more easily and quickly travel through the body, revitalizing you from the inside out.

When you get in your car to drive to the grocery store, what is your intention? Do you intend to arrive there safely? Do you intend to see something beautiful on the way? Do you intend to be delightfully surprised by something on your short adventure? Do you realize that you are even putting on your seat belt or are you on autopilot? When you are on autopilot, your mind is in control. When your mind is in control and running the show, you end up mechanically repeating beliefs/thoughts/actions that you have experienced over and over. However, when you pause for just a moment and set an intention to arrive at your destination safely, you break the cycle of mental conditioning and give yourself a moment to create an experience as opposed to react to what comes. You become a creator, sending your subconscious a deep message which actually changes the way that you think, act and show up in the world.

When you intend to see opportunity, you will see opportunity. When you intend to see beauty, you will see beauty. When you intend to experience disappointment, you will experience disappointment. When you intend to heal, you will heal. When you intend to change your patterns, you will change your patterns. The choice is yours. What will you intend for yourself today?

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