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Loving Life

"I have found that if you love life, life will love you back." -Arthur Rubinstein

Being in love is good for you and it helps you stay healthy! But you might be under the impression that being in love has to involve another person. You may be able to best relate to the feeling of love when thinking about your partner (especially when you first fell in love), a family member or a deeply cherished friend or pet. But you can cultivate the feeling of love (the deep, smile for no reason, tingles through your whole body kind of love) for everything you see, feel, think or do! Imagine getting up in the morning, seeing the sun rise, being greeted with the fleeting presence of a rainbow or merely appreciating a flower's beauty or fragrance and feeling the genuine rush of falling in love. It is truly remarkable and I am going to show you how!

Keep a Daily Journal

I read a book (With Winning In Mind by Lanny Bassham) in which the author coached many different kinds of athletes over the years (he, himself was an olympic rifle shooter). The book is about mental management and training your mind in order to be the best athlete that you can be. One of the things that stood out to me was him saying he refused to coach a client unless they kept a journal. It took me years after reading his book to finally write in one, but I have to say Lanny was right. Your journal does not have to be complicated. One sentence is enough as long is it is a daily practice. By creating this habit, you anchor into your subconscious the intent to achieve that which you are writing about.

At the end of each day, write about something that made you feel happy, surprised, excited, loved. Something that brings to you a feeling of joy. My original journal was entitled "The magic that I witnessed today". You can write about something as simple as the comfortable bed you slept in, the warm shower you took, the amazing lunch you had. Or perhaps something incredible happened and sheer joy greeted you on this particular day! Write it down! By putting pen to paper, you anchor the feeling you are wanting to promote into the physical world. Through repetition and consistency, you create a rhythm which allows that feeling to seep into your subconscious and it will begin to present itself more often.

A Reference Point for Feeling Love

When cultivating any feeling, it always helps to have a reference point. So, if you remember what it felt like to fall in love with your partner, how it feels to deeply love your mom or other family member or friend, or even the feeling of how much you love your pet, think back to a moment where they made your heart sing. You can think about how much your cat means to you as you hold their purring warm body and breathe into their fur. You can think about an act of love that someone did for you, or the moment you fell in love with your partner. It can be anything, but it is most potent when there is an emotional charge behind the memory. As you remember that feeling, the sensations will begin to trickle through your body (if you don't feeling anything yet, don't worry, with practice you will!). As the feeling of love is present, see yourself in the future experiencing this feeling. You can envision yourself with this feeling of deep love for no reason at all! Or you can see yourself watching the sun rise and feeling a rush of love move through your body. You can see yourself in the future with your partner and feel like you are falling in love with them all over again. You can see yourself with your dog, amazed by how much they love you and are so excited to see you!

To summarize, anchor the feeling you are wanting to cultivate into a reference point by thinking back to a time when you genuinely had that feeling. Then, imagine yourself in the future experiencing this same feeling in a way that you would like to experience it. The more that you make this a habit, the stronger your results will be. It is like anything you need to practice at in life: driving a car, riding a bike, playing sports, playing an instrument, riding a horse. You must practice to get better!

Magnify the Vision with Action

Now, in order to anchor this nonphysical feeling into the world that you live in, put your feeling into action! Do something out of love and kindness. Maybe you buy the person behind you a coffee, or you rescue a slug from the sidewalk. Perhaps you tell a friend how much they mean to you. As you put your loving feeling into action, recall the feeling that you are cultivating. Remember the reference point and a feeling will follow. By anchoring the feeling into action, you will magnify your results. Consistency is key! If you can do this every day, the results will be phenomenal! But once or twice a week will also work...You just have to make it a habit.

I promise you, if you reflect back on a reference point with the intention to cultivate a genuine feeling, you are consistent with your practice and anchor that feeling with action, the results will sweep you off your feet as you fall madly in love with life!

What is something you can do to anchor love into an action today?

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