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Love and Loss

"Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies." -Aristotle

I lost my best friend. To many, he was just a cat. To those who know me, he was my loving companion. To those closest to me, he was a part of me. To me, he was the love of my life.

He gave me a tremendous amount of love. The amount of love condensed into his beautiful black and white body is unfathomable by most. But I knew this love. I was the receiver of this great love for 16 years and for that I am eternally grateful. There is no amount of time on this Earth that would have ever been enough. Humans will always want more. I will always want another day with his sweet voice.

But this great love was meant to be dispersed. To keep it contained in a little kitty body forever just won’t do. Love is meant to grow and his love had grown beyond his body. The energy could no longer be contained and so it must be released. I must let it go. Who am I to try to keep it packaged up? To keep this love all to myself?

So I now see this great love in everything I look at. I hear this great love whisper in every birdsong, rustle of the wind and voice that speaks. I feel this great love in every fiber of my being. For truly, my dearly beloved now flows through all things.

The loss that I feel cannot be empty forever, for that is not how energy works. That void will be filled, it is unstoppable and it is inevitable. But energy needs movement, and so this movement flows through the void. Maybe it pauses for 16 years inside the body of your best friend. Maybe it pauses for 90 years inside the body of your loved one. Maybe it pauses for just a moment inside the body of a butterfly. But when it is time for this energy to continue on, ask yourself where has it truly gone? And what did you learn from it’s condensed focus this time? For love is the great energy of life and it doesn’t exist in one place, in one body. It exists in all things, everywhere. This one body merely proved to you of its existence. Will you deny it now that it appears to be gone? For truly, it just simply moved on.

Will you move with it?

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