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Heavy Metal Toxicity: A Slow Death - Poisoned From the Inside

Updated: Feb 29

An x-ray of all of the metal in my mouth.
The Source of My Heavy Metal Toxicity

I lie on the floor sobbing at the suffering taking place in my body.

I lie on the floor sobbing at the suffering of those who know that they are being poisoned and I lie on the floor sobbing at the suffering of those who do not know that they are being poisoned.

My body is being poisoned from the inside out. I was not aware of it until quite recently, but my body has been being poisoned for decades.

I was born a highly sensitive individual; sensitive in both body and mind as they are inseparable. I used to think my sensitivity was a limitation so I learned to override it, quite successfully I might add! Later, I’ve learned that my sensitivity is a powerful ally and it only needed my understanding.

I have come to learn that my physical body had a difficult time adjusting to the barrage of invading toxins within the world in which it was born. Scents, electronics, unnatural foods…with my unknowing, it all added up and accumulated inside of my body. Now, don’t get me wrong, the body is brilliant and it does a valiant job at removing many of these toxins, but it does have its limits. And, when the body reaches its limits, these toxins begin to become stored. They get stored in your organs, they get stored in your fat and muscle, they even get stored in your bones and teeth.

In order to continue to seek balance, the body endeavors to remove as many toxins as it can…through the skin, the eyes, the ears, the hair, the digestive tract, you name it. The body is efficiently intelligent and when an organ needs assistance, help is pulled from a less integral part. Teeth, for instance, will begin to rot by way of cavities because the organs need the nutrients there.

One of the most efficient ways for the body to eliminate toxins is through the digestive system. This results in digestive discomfort, distress and disease. Diarrhea, constipation, IBS, leaking gut, food intolerance, food sensitivities and even food allergies are some of the plethora of symptoms of a body working hard to empty the overflowing bucket of poisons being stored and poured into it.

My organs began pulling nutrients from my teeth at a very early age. Cavity after cavity led to filling after filling, crown after crown, root canal after root canal and finally to implants. Metal upon metal upon metal upon metal was archaically poured, glued and drilled into my mouth…all to cover up the symptoms of living in a toxic world.

I did not begin to be greatly affected by my symptoms until I was 37 years old. At this point my body had been accumulating poison from the metals in my mouth for multiple decades. I only now began to see the signs of something being amiss because it completely shut me down. I got very sick, I was struggling to maintain my previously outstanding athletic performances and it was all I could do to force myself to keep working.

Something was wrong and I had no idea what. The leaking toxins were coming out of my body in the form of “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”, HSV, “Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver”, hypothyroidism, a plethora of food allergies, extremely sensitive skin and an overall sensation of my cells dying.

These “diagnoses” took place over the course of years, beginning with high liver enzymes and elevated bilirubin which no-one seemed to care about. Eventually I got diagnosed with a plethora of the food allergies and this was a very helpful starting point on my journey as it began my long process of overhauling my diet. As the input of toxins lessened the burden on my body, I began to feel better. I regained some of my energy and was able to resume my life…for a while…

Food allergies, sensitivities and intolerances are nothing but a symptom of a deeper cause. Simply avoiding certain foods is a band-aid and, while in my response to this symptom I gained a cleaner diet, there were very nourishing and natural foods that I still can’t handle and now the list of food intolerances kept growing.

I ended up getting so clean in my eating that I returned completely back to the natural human diet.

All toxins within my control are now being avoided. Nothing new is coming in if I can help it. And yet, I continue to be poisoned. I feel the poison in my entire digestive tract and body. Every cell in my body is swimming in toxic blood as my body works tirelessly to eliminate an endless source of poison.

But wait…there is a plethora of foreign objects still in my body. In fact, they are in one of my body’s most sensitive and bio-diverse environments and they are HIGHLY TOXIC. Did you know that every tooth is connected to an organ? Your saliva is the sea in which your teeth live. In addition to its aid in digestion, it is supposed to help your body cleanse. But when that sea is filled with toxic heavy metals, your saliva is a highly conductive distribution material for these metals to mingle. It becomes a poisonous dance party in your mouth! And, to take it to yet another level, multiple metals in a conductive space now act like a battery as they trade their positively charged electrons.

I have a toxic battery inches from my brain…

I am so grateful for having finally gotten to the source of all of my body’s diseases. I have been in the process of removing each and every barbaric metal screw, crown and filling that has been shoved into my mouth in the name of “health”. This has been the most challenging and painful journey I have ever taken and I am so close to being in a place where the faucet of poison is finally turned off and my body can finally begin to mop up this mess.

I am less than 2 weeks away from (almost) final removal. When all is said and done I will have 1 titanium implant left in my mouth until my body tells me it is time for that one to go too. But first, I want my life back. I want to eat food. I want to live. I want vitality. I want to thrive.

And I want to help others navigate the sea of toxins that their body is swimming in so they, too can heal, optimize their vitality and thrive.

If you do not yet know that you are suffering, I am suffering for you.

If you are beginning to suffer, I am feeling your distress.

If you are lying on the floor sobbing at your suffering, I am sobbing with you.

And now, I am PISSED. This needless torture will end and I am here to carry the torch of awareness so that you, too, may find the root cause of your suffering, relieve your body’s burden, regain your life and OPTIMIZE YOUR VITALITY.

Updated to include some of the symptoms I have experienced (and continue to experience) on my journey through heavy metal toxicity:

  • digestive distress, discomfort and overall unease

  • diarrhea

  • swollen feet, ankles and legs

  • heart palpitations

  • cold hands & feet

  • tingly feet

  • decreased circulation

  • headaches

  • fatigue

  • inability to eat certain foods (especially proteins and fats)

  • burning tongue

  • teeth sensitivity

  • extreme sensitivity to radiation (x-ray, ultrasound, airport security)

  • extreme sensitivity to conventional foods

  • extreme sensitivity to the metals in certain foods (lettuce and garden grown veggies)

  • EMF sensitivities

  • reaction to fluorescent bulbs (they contain mercury)

  • thyroid imbalance

  • liver imbalance

  • kidney imbalance

  • brain fog

  • depression

  • emotional swings

  • backed up lymphatic system

  • inability to get warm/perpetually cold

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1 Comment

Mar 29

Kari, Thank you for this. I am also recovering from heavy metals and just today started reading "Hidden Epidemic" by Dr. Levy, which you may be familiar with. I had surgery on my jaw in 2009 and there are screws they used to redesign my jaw to correct my severe sleep apnea. I don't know if I can get them removed but will find out. BTW, what is that object in your Xray near your nose? It looks big. Will you have that removed? Im really glad I found your blog and looking forward to learning more. Thanks again.... W Stewart

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