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Bypassing Normal to Discover True Health

Your journey to TRUE HEALTH is the greatest adventure of your LIFE.

My missing teeth are my body’s expression of TRUE HEALTH and OPTIMIZED VITALITY
Wearing My Toothless Smile With Pride

For the past few years, I’ve been on a deep dive into the truth of my health, my body and my mind. This is what I’ve discovered:

My liver has been overburdened since I was conceived. I inherited heavy metals and toxins, not just from the poisons and medications that my mom was subjected to, but also my father and their parents and so on. These toxins don’t just go away. They are passed down from generation to generation.

I have always had a sensitive system. I suffered from digestive issues early on and that was only the beginning. I now realize that the unnatural foods and environment that has become our normal way of living was interacting with my inborn toxicity and causing a slow accumulation of suffering.

What was happening internally was that my organs, namely my heroic liver, were working nonstop to rid my body of these toxins as I unknowingly continued to add more. When your organs struggle, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of your body begins to show that a problem is brewing.

One by one my teeth began to decay. Because my organs were using so many nutrients to sort and eliminate the perpetual bombardment of toxins, they began pulling nutrients from my teeth. Of course it was just blamed on “bad teeth” and symptom after symptom began being covered up and suppressed without any inquiry as to why these symptoms came about in the first place.

Cavity after cavity, crown after crown, root canal after root canal, implant after implant….What was perceive as symptoms of disease was in actuality my body imparting its brilliant intelligence to balance my health and wellbeing despite a constant influx of toxicity.

You see, we have come to blame the body for malfunctioning when it is actually saving your life  with every symptom of disease. Your body works day and night to eliminate all toxins and it can surprisingly handle an incredible amount! But it has now become normalized to ignore our toxic environment, ignore our toxic “food” and suppress the body’s healing symptoms with medication after medication as we force it to just deal with it.

As each of my body’s symptoms became covered up with dental procedures, even more toxins and poisons were, not only being introduced to my body, but were now preventing my brilliant body from eliminating these toxins!

Fortunately I have always had a body that responded “poorly” to medications. All side effects hit me in such a way that I wasn’t able to take many of them. Once I eliminated most of my inborn toxins by cleaning up my diet and lifestyle, I was able to stop taking my remaining medications. I came to find that my existing toxicity was now the plethora of metal and root canals that were drilled, glued and poured into my mouth.

As the toxins in my body slowly began to build it took me decades to put it all together. You see, toxicity is a slow process that accumulates over time. It adds up and clogs the body in such a way that you don’t see it coming. Over my life, my toxicity expressed itself in the form of seasonal allergies, food allergies, gut issues, chronic fatigue, skin sensitivity, an overburdened liver and lack of circulation just to give you a fraction of the list of seemingly unrelated diseases. Let me assure you: it is ALL related.

After years of working with my mind and body to uncover the CAUSE of all of my disease I had finally found it. What began as inherited toxicity mingling with society's accepted toxic world was now focused in my mouth. As long as these toxic substances continued to remain in my body, my liver will continue to be overburdened in its efforts to keep my blood clean.

I left my traditional dentist and found one who understood just how toxic my situation was and over the course of 3 months I had 6 root canals removed, many metal crowns, 4 mercury amalgam fillings and 2 corroded titanium implants.

In a society where outward appearances take precedence over true health, I wear my toothless smile with the highest form of pride I possibly could. I have been on the most difficult journey of my life but what I have learned is the greater the challenge, the greater the reward.

My missing teeth are my body’s expression of TRUE HEALTH and OPTIMIZED VITALITY and for the first time in my life, I AM A FULLY ALIVE.

I am ready to take on the world!

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