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Life's Energy

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” -Nikolai Tesla

Energy is all around us. It makes up the stars and galaxies of our Universe as well as the many atoms that comprise our bodies. This energy flows through all of life. Humans can either be conductors of this energy or insulate themselves from it. The majority of our modern day humans insulate themselves from this universal energy source. However, there is another way to live; one in which you can choose to be a conductor of this energy, begin to tune in to the wonders of the cosmos and design an unlimited life for yourself.

What Causes Insulation?

Mother Nature has a rhythm. This is seen in the rise and fall of the sun marking each day, the lunar cycles of the moon giving us each month, our rotation around the sun presenting us with a year, and the seasons within each year, representing times of productivity and times of rest. This rhythm is a subtle undercurrent of our existence and it is to this rhythm that all life on Earth marches, except for most modern day humans. Many of us work for a certain number of hours each week, we tend to keep to our rigid schedules despite the change in seasons and needing down time, we continue to carry the past with us, creating a burden for us to travel with, and we worry about what the future might bring, causing a state of anxiety which all compromise our natural state of ease and flow. Our minds have us in a constant "to-do" order, and if we aren't doing, we are fretting over something that needs to be done. All of this insulates us from the cosmic flow of energy that is ours to claim.

How Do We Promote Conductivity?

Awareness is key. Becoming aware of how you are moving through life. To which rhythm are you marching? Pay attention to your body. What is it trying to tell you? Can you even feel it? Give time to your emotions. Let them be expressed for they are energy which needs to move through you in order to let go of past burdens. Learn to work with your mind and understand that it is a valuable tool when used properly. When we let the mind use us, it limits us to the fate in which we think we are destined. Through awareness, we begin to live consciously, reclaim our power, find our freedom, and design the life we truly want to live.

What will you feel today?

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