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4 Ways Being Vulnerable Will Set You Free

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.” -Brene Brown

What does it mean to be vulnerable?

Vulnerability is a way to release old habits and make space for new ones! Being vulnerable is being open. In being open, you express your truth. This can be a scary concept because it lets others see who you really are and that creates discomfort. We fear being criticized, judged and unaccepted. This fear holds back many from their true expressions. This is unfortunate because when you hold back, the world misses out on your insights, perspectives and creativity. We are discovering that the richness to life lies in the multitude and diversity of our humanity and it would do us good to encourage each other to be vulnerable. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by being vulnerable ourselves. In speaking your vulnerable truths you give others a little bit of contact confidence, inspiring them to express their own heart.

4 ways being vulnerable will set you free

When you step outside of your comfort zone, are honest with yourself and open up to others, you begin to access the true nature of your existence. You are here to be creative. Which is, to express yourself.

1-Gain Confidence in Yourself

Each time you open yourself up, you gain a little more confidence. When you gain confidence you prove to yourself that what you anticipated as being so scary isn't really that bad. It’s like building a muscle…each “session” builds upon the last. The more you challenge your fear and build up small successes, the deeper your faith in yourself grows. Eventually you will build yourself an unshakeable foundation that will allow you to find your voice against all odds.

2-Access More Energy

Fear is an energy force. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to hold onto fear. This can be difficult to feel until you let it go and experience the weight lift from you. Each time you express yourself despite the fear, you release (and are released by) the energy that it took to hold yourself back. When this energetic hold is released, you actually feel the weight let go.When you are no longer held down by this weight, you will begin to experience what true freedom feels like.

3-Reclaim Your Power

The energy that it takes to hold yourself back is energy that you have given to your fears, worries and dreads. Your power is your energy. The more power you give to external worries, fears, anxieties and dreads, the less power you have for yourself. When you are vulnerable, you take this power back. Imagine being free to say or do what your heart desires regardless of how others might perceive you. What would that feel like?

4-Love of Self

When you close yourself off from the world, it is because you are too afraid/ashamed to expose your true nature. When you transcend those limitations by sharing your vulnerability, it is an act of self love. When you love yourself fully, you will choose to share the vulnerable parts with others. This strengthens your love for yourself and also shows others what self love looks like. It's a win win!

What are some ways that you can practice being vulnerable?

Start where you’re at. It’s about small steps and building confidence in yourself! Is there something that you have been wanting to express but haven’t felt able? Is there something you have been wanting to do, but feel like it will draw too much attention? Perhaps you just need a little bit more confidence to work your way up so it's good to start with small steps. Here are some examples:

Open yourself up to feedback.

Be okay with being wrong.

Be curious.

Share something uncomfortable.

Challenge yourself.

Be okay with making a mistake.

Express your feelings.

Express your emotions.

Wear something different.

Make an intuitive decision and trust.

Share a thought.

Create something.

Do something new.


Pick one thing on this list and do it! When you do, notice how you feel about it. Are there any worries or discomfort? If so, that means you succeeded! In order for you to grow you need to face a little bit of discomfort. All you need to do is be aware of your feeling around your vulnerability and realize that it is only a feeling. When you give yourself space with that feeling, you will realize there was nothing to be scared of! Confidence is built and you will be stronger and proud of what you have accomplished!

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