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Know Guts, Know Glory

Your mind is your most powerful tool. By unveiling your unconscious attachments and learning to let your mind work for you, you can get in front of your desire to change. In this way, you allow your goals to come into being instead of forcing them to happen.

Attachments keep you stuck in cycles of old patterns. It is easy to remain in a cycle of repetition around food and eating habits because they are familiar and comfortable. The comfort around food comes from emotional and societal pressures as well as old patterns of cravings, addictive elements and even misbeliefs. Muffle out the noise and journey within yourself where you will find the Wisdom that will lead you to your own unique nourishment so you can build yourself an unshakeable foundation from which to create your Ultimate Lifestyle.

Applications Open Soon!

This 3 month Coaching Immersion is offered to individuals who are ready to devote themselves to the Ultimate Wellness of their being.

Next Coaching Immersion begins October 20, 2023

Receive guidance this Holiday season and Level Up your Lifestyle by eating with a purpose!

Spaces are limited

Gain insight into the hidden attachments blocking you from your Ultimate Lifestyle with a free Lifestyle Breakthrough Call!
Image by Mohamed Nohassi

Know Guts, Know Glory


4 Month Coaching Immersion

Six private sessions

Meet twice a month for hourly private sessions on Zoom. Each session is uniquely tailored to help you navigate the path to your Ultimate Lifestyle.

Email Support

Receive answers to questions that might arise between sessions as you endeavor to integrate your insights.

Potent Exercises

You will be given customized exercises and visualizations unique to your goals that you can implement for empowering results.

Maximize Your Coaching Experience

Complimentary access to online Kundalini Yoga classes, giving you a direct experience of your Inner Wisdom.


Meditation to Bring You to Your Body's Bliss.

Click below for more information on my Know Guts, Know Glory Coaching Immersion!

The Ultimate Wellness of Your Being

For the Vitality of Your Body

Infinite Intelligence runs through you. This Intelligence continually guides your body into equilibrium. Everything your body does is for the ultimate wellness and harmony of your being. The problem is that most humans are not taught how to listen to their bodies. Instead, they are taught to ignore them and even cover up the symptoms of their body working ceaselessly to maintain balance. Disease is merely a symptom of disharmony. Learn the language of your body and become empowered to follow its guidance into your Ultimate Wellness.


For the Creativity of Your Mind

When your body is in disharmony so is your mind. The past patterns and stuck emotions in your unconscious are held within the physical layers of your body. Travel through these layers and experience the physical change as you let these old patterns go! Release your mind-body from the past and you will be free to harness your mind and create your Ultimate Lifestyle.


For the Freedom of Your Soul

Can you hear your Soul speak? At your core, your Soul is enticing you toward liberation. Doubt, worry, anxiety and fear drown out its voice as these noises constrict upon your psyche, keeping you bound by old patterns. The process of eating with a purpose will take you directly to your Soul. As you travel this path of self discovery, you will get to the core of Who You Really Are. Gain the strength to challenge your limitations and the confidence to stay the course so you can develop an unshakeable trust in yourself as you learn the language of your Soul and embody your sovereignty.

Join me in the Lifestyle Level Up Coaching Immersion

and experience the transformation!

How It Works

Jungian Shadow Work

Uncover unseen beliefs and limitations so they can be integrated in order to bring your whole self into awareness. Carl Jung calls this process Individuation.

Experience the Eastern philosophy of the mind-body connection

By bringing your body into your awareness, you discover that this connection offers a powerful bridge in bringing your mind back to you.

Discover the true nature of your dreams!

Your Soul wants to connect with you and one of the ways it communicates is through dreams. Learn that your dreams are here to bring you growth and wholeness.

Cultivate your creativity

Through powerful meditations, visualizations and active imagination exercises, you become empowered to create your Ultimate Lifestyle.

Bridge your Ancient Wisdom with your modern mind and know the Dance of the Divine.

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