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Your Body is the Gateway to the Cosmos

Are you ready to enter?

 Your body is beckoning you. Will you answer its call? Like a language you don't understand, its messages are ignored and vastly misunderstood. But there is great meaning behind every feeling, sensation and condition no matter how subtle. Your body carries within it an immeasurable intelligence and it is here to communicate.

Are you ready to learn its language?


I invite you to embark on the journey through your body's layers. Uncover the core to your Cosmic Self and access your Ancient Wisdom within. Realize that you are the key to unlocking the door and discover the bliss of your Cosmic Self.


Your body's whisper is music.

Together you shall dance.

Cloaked in the moon, watching the sun set.
Gain insight into your Cosmic Self with a complimentary dream interpretation or shadow session!

Open the Door to Your Body's Intelligence

Your body is an intelligent organism that is trying to communicate with you and it will not be silenced. It speaks to you subtly when it can and loudly when ignored.

Do you want to hear it whisper?

Every condition you experience is a harbinger of expansion. These messengers show up in your body as tension, soreness, blockages, ailments, sickness and even accidents. Because your mind cannot be separated from your body, they also show up in the form of judgement, perfectionism, doubt, guilt, confusion, lack of worth to name a few. When you learn the language of these messengers you are able to receive their intelligence.

Are you ready to communicate?

Eastern philosophy and ancient yogic wisdom combine with the spiritual psychology of Carl Jung to deliver a potent process of self discovery and self transformation, giving you the tools to reclaim your power, access your Ancient Wisdom within and connect with your Cosmic Self.

Ignite Your Intuition
Access Your Ancient Wisdom
Uncover the Core to Your Cosmic Self
Learn the Language of Your Body, Mind and Soul
Discover the Key to Your Body's Bliss
Attune Yourself to the Intelligence of the Cosmos

Bring yourself back into your body, discover the power of your mind, understand what your emotions mean, decipher your dreams and learn the Language of the Cosmos.

Cosmic Core Coaching Packages

Design Your Shine

3 Month Breakthrough Package


Ignite your intuition and uncover the core to your Cosmic Self so you can

Design Your Shine.

Shine Your Design

6 Month Transformation package

Access your Ancient Wisdom and learn the Language of your Cosmic Self to

Shine Your Design.

Radiate Your Core

9 Month Ascension package


Connect with your Cosmic Self, develop a communion with your Soul and attune yourself to the Intelligence of the Cosmos empowering you to

Radiate Your Core.

Each coaching package is custom tailored to you, uniquely designed for your Cosmic Journey.

Journey to your Cosmic Core and discover the key to your inner ecstasy.

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